Love at First Sight is the premier provider of elective 2D/3D/4D  prenatal ultrasounds. We offer prenatal ultrasounds and gender reveals to expectant mothers using our high quality 2D/3D/4D technology. Love at First Sight has Board Certified OB Sonographers that have been trained in high risk OB ultrasounds. Together they have over 40 years of combined experience to give you the best results possible. Come in and meet your little one and fall in Love At First Sight!

Our Guarantee: If we are not 100% sure of your baby’s gender or your baby is uncooperative during their appointment we will ask you to come back the following day or week for a second scan at no additional charge.

The quality of the ultrasound is dependent on many factors such as: the position the baby is in or will move to, movement of the baby during the scan, placental location and amount of amniotic fluid present during your scan. We request that Mom drinks extra fluids 1-2 weeks prior to their scan & also come with a full bladder for Ultrasounds. The better your fluid levels are, the better our chances are of getting that beautiful picture of your little one you are hoping for.